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Selling to AVH

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The best valuation is how much somebody will pay you for your stamp or stamp collection. With over a 100 years of experience, you will get a no nonsense answer. We can make a direct offer or a suggestion of auction estimate.

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What do you have for sale?

You can email us with details of what you are looking to sell. You can also send some images (max 5 images, if more are needed they will be requested) and/or list of the collection. This can be provided by a separate email later.

Information to include in the email is;

  • Is the collection in Albums (if yes how many) or packets?
  • Does the collection have any area of strength or country?
  • Is the collection Mint (unused with gum on the reverse) or Used (has been used for a postal service and is cancelled with a postmark)?
  • Does the collection contain covers? These can be First Day Issues (cover post on the first day of use) covers or correspondence letters sent between different people or companies.
  • Does it contain postcards? If yes are they old from the turn of the century ie 1900’s or are they modern (within Queen Elizabeth II reign)? Are they the picture postcards which are copies of the stamps (PHQ cards)?

Below are some FAQ’s which might answer some of your questions.

Looking for a Valuation

Do you need a valuation for probate, don't know where to start, let us help you? You will need to email us with details of the collection, and we can look into your options. Check with your solicitor to see if you need a written valuation. For this service there is a charge, and this can be agreed before any action or work is undertaken.

If you are looking for a valuation to find out what it is worth, then you also need to send details of the collection. This would include number of albums, Stamps mint or Used, does the collection include Postal History or FDC's? Is it strong in any one area or country? Or any of the question asked above in 'What Do you have for Sale'. If this incurrs any charges, it would be mentioned before any work is undertaken or offered.

For any Valuation enquiry please speak to us to find out what you need to do.

You can contact us by phone 07938 601513 or email AVH to get friendly advice.


I have an album of stamps I collected as a child, is it likely to be worth anything?

Probably not, many collections are generally worth less than £10, even if they are over 100 years old. Except if someone has invested money into a collection, it will not be worth a great deal. Children bought big bags of stamps for 1/- or so at the time, which filled up the album nicely, but these stamps have not increased in value over time.

What are penny blacks worth?

Condition is particularly important with these (for example, the size of the margins (margin is the gap between each stamp) all round) and most of them are worth somewhere between £10-80 depending on their condition. In good condition (4 margins) and from better printing plates can be worth more.

I have some Queen Victoria penny reds, are they worth any money?

Most used Queen Victoria penny reds are worth pence each. Some can be a bit better depending on what type they exactly are. These stamps were printed in exceptionally large quantities and there are still a lot of them around today.

I have a collection of Great Britain First Day Covers, what are they worth?

These covers (F.D.C.’s) from around 1966 to 2000 are quite common, as a lot of people collected them at this time. Unless they have special postmarks, they will be worth a few pence each. Covers from 1965 and earlier can be better, but need to be illustrated covers and in good condition. Covers from 2010 onwards can be more saleable, as less people collected them. However, their value will still not be near the face value of the stamps.

First Day Cover collections from around the world are similar to Great Britain regarding values.

Does age increase stamps valuable, i.e. the older they are, the more they’re worth?

Age is immaterial with regard to value. Many 19th century stamps were printed in the millions and there are still lots of them around now so they are quite common. Stamps with higher face values (for example a 10/- or £1 stamp from Queen Victoria’s or Edward VIII time) or stamps where there was a more limited printing are the scarcer ones making them more valuable.

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