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We are proud to be an auction company that caters for collectors and dealers alike.

We offer a wide range of material from one auction to the next. If you find something, great, have a bid and be a winner. If you cannot find anything this time, then don’t give up, keep looking.

You can also let us know what your interests are. We will then contact the vendors and see if they can provide something for a future auction.


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The best valuation is how much somebody is willing to pay you for your stamp or stamp collection. Contact AVH and a top valuer (with many years of experience in the trade) will deal with your enquiry.

You will also find some useful FAQ’s regarding collections value and valuations.

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Upcoming Stamp Auctions

For full details of our latest Stamp Auctions please go to the Auction Page of the website. You will find up to date information regarding our current and next auction.

Also pdf examples of previous auctions and realisations.

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Please see below for an overview of our more interesting recent sales and auctions.

Great Britain 1880 2s brown

Great Britain 1880 2s brown

In AVH 15 Lot 2771 a Great Britain 1880 2s brown Pl 1 (SG 121) sold for £700

Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue

A rare Great Britain 1935 Silver Jubilee 2½d Prussian Blue realised £6,800 in our auction on the 29th September 2019.

AVH 15 Lot 1488 a Hong Kong CHINA

AVH 15 Lot 1488 a Hong Kong CHINA

In AVH 15 Lot 1488 a Hong Kong CHINA opt 1917 Used Set of 16 (SG 1/17) Sold for £600


I found your website very helpful, in particular the FAQs and the friendly way the website comes across made me feel comfortable about approaching you.


As a vendor I say many thanks for your hard work and support, I should have put lots for sale with AVH from day 1.

Lorne from Sussex

For afew years I've been submitting philatelic material to AVH, has been a real joy and a pleasure: over and above near faultless handling of this material has been his quick reaction to queries. Also freely given sound advice on how to negotiate those tricky situations that inevitably arise within the trade. It is comforting to work with people who are cheerfully prepared to peel back that final hinge to help identify the most obscure item.

Mike from Amersham

I’ve been successful in AVH Auctions. Transactions went smoothly and quickly.  I have been impressed with the service received. The stamps were as described in the catalogue and I have been very pleased with them.  If lots come up in future auctions that I am interested in I will certainly be placing bids. I would certainly recommend  AVH Stamp Auctions.

Pat From Hertfordshire

An easy website to negotiate. No flowery language, just common sense descriptions, which is what true collectors require.

Mr Kirby

" Very efficient and trustworthy, offering a fine and diverse range of stamps. Highly recommended "

Mr Kingsbery

It has been a pleasure working with AVH both on the buy and the sell side. They are never too busy to answer one's questions and is always willing to pass on the knowledge and insights that has been gained from many years in the Stamp business. AVH is definitely one of my go-to people!



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